ICStage plugin



ICStage plugin



ICStage lets you publish the real-time 3D display window from trueSpace into your website as a live stream, or you can use an automatically generated webpage created by your scene. It also brings possibilities to control the processed video from the web page, send e-mails from trueSpace or detect your own public IP address


Download plugin Download iICStage package

The installation contains:

  • package
  • package documentation
  • script documentation
  • base objects library

Note: the plugin is designed for trueSpace7.61, trueSpace7.61 Standaloane,
trueServe7.61 and compatible with trueSpace 7.6

Download plugin documentation Download iICStage package documentation




See ICStage in action in the following tutorials :


iResConICStageSubPage Add controls that lets the web user manipulate the processed video
iResConICStagetSPage Publish a real-time 3D window from trueSpace in a webpage