It Works! It Works!

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It Works! It Works!

Postby Electricks » 01 Jul 2010, 03:26

Hello Vladimir and all! :)

:ban: I've been looking all over the internet for this, since I acquired my new laptop.

I've been a trueSpace user for years, but finally had to stop because my old Win 2k PC just couldn't take it anymore . :cry:
Caligarii was just starting to develop the truePlay environment and trueServe, then I read Microsoft purchased tS and is seems to have faded away :cry:

Then I, being a major Microsoft dependent, was visiting a BingMaps Blog, and over in the right hand links column was the link to Caligari, so you know
how I got here 8-) .

I'm using a Toshiba L500 laptop, 2.4Gb AMD TurionII Dual Core Processor, 4Gb RAM. So at least I have something nicer to work with 8-)

So, I'm wondering.

I'm not a proficient programmer but I'm willing to learn.

I have years of experience in 3D with Poser 4 thru 7, a few with Carrara after DAZ3D bought it, and ( did I mention :roll: ) Caligari trueSpace?

(Gee! this sounds like a resume ;) )

You guys and gals are programming and making videos, sooo!

Maybe we could work on something? With these programs, I'm looking forward to making a website soon.

By the way, I'm working with Windows 7 Professional and so you're doing great so far. I am having some compatability issues
but that is standard with using my favorite software on a new system.

I haven't done any of the fancier projects you provided yet, but I will soon.

See you soon,

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